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香港文化融匯東西方傳統,East Meets West 是不爭事實,但已是陳腔濫調不必多言。這個網站裡寫的,都是香港文化裡的東西--即是關於香港的甚麼也可以。我的微小願望:盡力寫一丁點兒關於文化的東西。不求做「文化人」,只要沒有人罵我在文化界「不是東西」,亦於願足矣。

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蕭恒,資深藝術行政及傳訊人員。早年任職影視及娛樂事務管理處電影組行政主任,曾供職香港大學、英國文化協會、香港藝術發展局等機構,負責電影及文化藝術活動的統籌與推廣工作,自立門戶前為香港國際攝影節行政總監。2013年創辦Cultural Connections,致力為藝術及創意產業界提供多元化的項目統籌、傳訊推廣及顧問服務。


畢業於香港大學,先後獲得比較文學及翻譯文學士 (一級榮譽) 及文學及文化研究碩士 (優異)。業餘文化評論人,亦為香港電影評論學會成員。作品散見報章雜誌及網路媒體,曾與人合著《沙巴翁的城市漫遊》一書,並主編《電影花火》文集。

SIU Heng is a veteran arts administrator and a communications professional. In his early career, he served as Executive Officer (Film) at the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. As an arts administrator, he was responsible for organising and promoting arts and cultural programmes at The University of Hong Kong, the British Council and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Before starting his own company, he was the Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival. In 2013 he founded Cultural Connections, providing a wide range of services to to the cultural and creative sectors.

He also has profound media and editorial experiences. Starting his career as a DJ trainee at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, he later worked as Senior English Editor at an online CD/DVD retailer and as part-time Film Editor of a cultural magazine.

Siu Heng graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Comparative Literature and Translation and a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in Literary and Cultural Studies. An amateur cultural critic and a member of Hong Kong Film Critics Society, he publishes in newspapers, magazines, and online media. He co-authored the book Sabayoning the City and edited the anthology Sparks of Film.